The outer colony news service.

Hello, my name is Annika Raumov, the date is april 7th 2076, the top stories today.

The yearly remembrance parade has begun outside of Foxtrot base, thousands have gathered to pay their silent respects to those who died during the Krenaran assault on the colony world of Sigma XI. We now take you live to the gathering, via our correspondent Michael Harkus, on location.

Yes Annika, I am here at the remembrance obelisk just outside of Foxtrot base, where mourners have been gathering all day to pay their silent respects to those who died, when Krenaran forces attacked this world during the outset of the great Krenaran war.

The base itself, a gigantic intelligence hub located on the colony world of Sigma XI. Was attacked and completely destroyed early in the war with the losses of thousands of intelligence personnel, civilian staff, and colonists, and is remembered to this day as one of the worst atrocities of the entire war.
Although the base has largely been rebuilt since that time, the scars amongst the inhabitants of this world still linger on, a giant black marble obelisk was erected two years ago, near to the main entrance of this facility, with the names of all those who died in the attack engraved upon it. For the past two years, this has served as a focal point for the colonists to remember and honour their war dead, there are many wreathes, flowers and candles laid at the base of the obelisk.

Just earlier, a solemn two minute silence was observed amongst the crowd, both young and old, men and women, those who had lost fathers, wives, and husbands. The atmosphere I can safely say is one of silent emotion.

mourners gather to remember those who lost their lives at the devastation of Foxtrot base

Thank you Michael Harkus, we now bring to your attention a report just come in, of an explosion at a chemical refining plant on the colony world of Sicarius within the Karrakis sector. Preliminary reports suggest that the plant was shut down while the colonists celebrated the easter festivities, and no one was hurt. The plant itself, I understand, refines solid fuels used in the inter-system booster engines of naval and civilian craft. Nearby buildings have been evacuated, and local fire services are on location and currently battling the fire, although the blaze is described as fierce, and it could be several hours before the fire is finally brought under control.

Firefighters battle to bring a fierce blaze under control, at a solid fuel refining facility on the colony world of Sicarius.

My name is Annika Raumov, this is the outer colony news service, thank you for watching.


2 comments on “The outer colony news service.

  1. I enjoyed this piston BUT I find the use of the Cenotaph to depict a fictitious memorial somewhat distasteful. While the sentiment might be similar, I would have thought a more suitable image could have been found.

    You may wonder why I object. My answer is simple. The Cenotaph is to remember those who have given their lives in the service of the UK, past and present. Not for fictitious people from a book.

    • Thank you for your comment, while my heartfelt respect goes out to all those who lost their lives in any war, past, present or even future. I did spend a long time looking for a more suitable image to be used, but alas due to time constraints I was forced to use this one, if a more suitable picture does present itself, and doesn’t contravene copyright laws, I will certainly replace it.

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