Michael Alexander

Name: Alexander, Michael.

Age: 39

Rank: Captain

Serial number: 71449-3517-V

Current Position: Commander E.D.F.S Liberty.

Previous position: Deck officer, E.D.F.S Ulysses.

Family: Jana, wife. (deceased) Theo, son. (deceased)

Physical description.

Medium length dark brown hair, blue eyes, caucasian, clean shaven.

Height: 6 feet 1 inches.

Weight: 83 kilograms.

Michael Alexander is the current commanding officer of the E.D.F.S Liberty, and despite his relatively young age is a hardened experienced ship captain. Having fought throughout the Krenaran war, and in numerous anti-pirate engagements. His efforts in enlisting the help of the Solarian empire to intervene in the Krenaran war on behalf of the E.D.F earned him great acclaim, and the hard fought battles against Krenaran forces by the crew of the Liberty earned him a great deal of valour. He also fought in the great battle of Charlie base at Gamma IV, and helped to prevent an assassination plot against the E.O.C.A president, James Rushfeldt by the Krenaran agent Lathiel. He is the most decorated actively serving Naval officer in the E.D.F today.

Graduating from the E.D.F academy as a flight officer along with friend Dylan Marcos, he was later posted to the E.D.F.S Ulysses as deck officer, rising in rank to Lieutenant. During the onset of the Krenaran war Michael found himself stranded on the Surface of the Agemman colony after the Destruction of the Ulysses, he met Nikolai Vargev, and took part in a raid to free colonists being led away in slave chains to Krenaran ships, both were captured in that raid, and were taken prisoner by the Krenaran Axus.

Later both Michael and Nikolai Vargev took over Axus’s ship, killing Axus himself in the process, with the help of the Solarian Ambassador Kerulithar, successfully flew the ship to Solarian space to seek the Solarians aid in the E.O.C.A / Krenaran war. The Solarians subsequently allied themselves with E.O.C.A, six weeks later Micheal returned to E.O.C.A territory at the head of a 700 strong Solarian fleet, turning the tide of the war in E.O.C.A’s favour for the first time since it began. Unfortunately upon returning to Delta base, he would also learn of the untimely deaths of his wife and son, who were killed in an earlier Krenaran attack upon the base, while Michael was fighting elsewhere.

He was later promoted to full Captain for his efforts, and given permanent command of the Liberty, a position which he maintains to this day.

Personal life.

Regarded as an astute tactician, he is often quiet, humble, slightly reserved, and thoughtful. The loss of his wife and son had a profound effect on him personally, and he went through an extended period of depression, and he has not yet entered into another relationship because of this. Regarded by those he commands as more of a very close friend than a commander, he is held in extremely high regard by his crew.


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