The outer colony news service

This is the Outer colony news service, I am your host as ever Annika Raumov, the date is March 13th 2076, the top stories this month.

A Flotilla of E.D.F ships have just returned to base, following a successful anti-pirate sweep of the Eidolon system, the task force of four ships, headed up by the Jefferson class heavy cruiser Dakota, managed to subdue and seize three vessel’s working for a small but well known pirate cartel in the area. We have a special interview via long range communications from the commanding officer of the Dakota, commander Gerard Malleau.

“Commander, it is great to hear from you following your successful mission.”

“Thank you, it is great to be here.”

“Reports suggest that three pirate vessels were seized during operations in the system, could you elaborate on that?”

“We were on a week long mission to the Eidolon system, providing security for the Eidolon colony world, which following the end of the Krenaran war just over five years ago now, had reported increased pirate activity. Along with other colony worlds who were attacked and devastated during the war. The Eidolon system was one of the few remaining safe havens for pirate activity within E.O.C.A territory.”

“We all know how high a priority anti-pirate duties are for the E.D.F navy, how are your efforts coming reducing the threat posed by pirates across the colony worlds?”

“The E.D.F navy, following the end of the Krenaran war, placed anti-pirate activities at the top of its agenda, with the devastated colony worlds struggling to re-build. E.D.F command felt it was necessary that we provide a security presence to these worlds, so that criminal organisations could not take root while the colonies were rebuilding. Following our efforts and vigilance over the past five years, pirate activity has all but dropped to pre-war levels. If you are a pirate, there is nowhere you can go, nowhere you can hide, that we can’t follow. we will find you and either destroy or impound your vessel, and ultimately you will be brought to justice.”

“Thank you for speaking to us, Commander Gerard Malleau.”

“My pleasure.”

In other news, following the complete destruction of a hospital at the Agemman colony, one of the worlds most affected by the war. Civilian construction corporations together with expertise from the E.D.F research division have just completed a brand new state of the art medical complex, for the people of that world. Governor Sally Hughes was present at the official unveiling ceremony.

“I believe this hospital will be a major benefit to the citizens of the Agemman colony, it has been a long time since we have had a clean, fully operating hospital, so let us make use of this one.”


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