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This is the Outer colony news service, I am your host as ever Annika Raumov, the date is March 13th 2076, the top stories this month.

A Flotilla of E.D.F ships have just returned to base, following a successful anti-pirate sweep of the Eidolon system, the task force of four ships, headed up by the Jefferson class heavy cruiser Dakota, managed to subdue and seize three vessel’s working for a small but well known pirate cartel in the area. We have a special interview via long range communications from the commanding officer of the Dakota, commander Gerard Malleau.

“Commander, it is great to hear from you following your successful mission.”

“Thank you, it is great to be here.”

“Reports suggest that three pirate vessels were seized during operations in the system, could you elaborate on that?”

“We were on a week long mission to the Eidolon system, providing security for the Eidolon colony world, which following the end of the Krenaran war just over five years ago now, had reported increased pirate activity. Along with other colony worlds who were attacked and devastated during the war. The Eidolon system was one of the few remaining safe havens for pirate activity within E.O.C.A territory.”

“We all know how high a priority anti-pirate duties are for the E.D.F navy, how are your efforts coming reducing the threat posed by pirates across the colony worlds?”

“The E.D.F navy, following the end of the Krenaran war, placed anti-pirate activities at the top of its agenda, with the devastated colony worlds struggling to re-build. E.D.F command felt it was necessary that we provide a security presence to these worlds, so that criminal organisations could not take root while the colonies were rebuilding. Following our efforts and vigilance over the past five years, pirate activity has all but dropped to pre-war levels. If you are a pirate, there is nowhere you can go, nowhere you can hide, that we can’t follow. we will find you and either destroy or impound your vessel, and ultimately you will be brought to justice.”

“Thank you for speaking to us, Commander Gerard Malleau.”

“My pleasure.”

In other news, following the complete destruction of a hospital at the Agemman colony, one of the worlds most affected by the war. Civilian construction corporations together with expertise from the E.D.F research division have just completed a brand new state of the art medical complex, for the people of that world. Governor Sally Hughes was present at the official unveiling ceremony.

“I believe this hospital will be a major benefit to the citizens of the Agemman colony, it has been a long time since we have had a clean, fully operating hospital, so let us make use of this one.”


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E.D.F chronicles universe

Each month we will be delving into the E.D.F chronicles universe to learn more about a fact, race, technology, or organisation that appears in one of the E.D.F chronicles novels.

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E.O.C.A and the E.D.F

While it may be confusing to some, just who E.O.C.A are, and the relationship they have with the E.D.F, to understand this fully we have to go back to 2051.

The formation of E.O.C.A

E.O.C.A is an anagram for the Earth and Outer Colonies Alliance, a broad governing body that is made up of elected members on earth and one for each of the colony worlds across E.O.C.A territory.

After the earth became overpopulated and polluted, climate change began taking its toll, people began to leave, seeking new places to settle. Places that were not as crowded as Earth had become. These eventually became the outer colonies, a governor was elected to lead these fledgling new worlds, who reports directly to the E.O.C.A president in the E.O.C.A headquarters in Geneva.

Thus a mass congress was formed, of all the separate governors of all the worlds throughout E.O.C.A space. However, these worlds needed policing, and its citizens protecting. This initially fell to a conglomeration of NASA and NATO, NASA had the scientific wherewithal and NATO the troops, however trying to police an area as vast as E.O.C.A territory had become, with the technology and funding at their disposal, meant that Natonas was critically underfunded and spread far too thinly to adequately protect the people. Piracy and organised crime soared amongst the outer colonies, people took up arms of their own to protect themselves, Natonas was failing.

Enter the E.D.F

E.O.C.A became increasingly concerned about the failings of Natonas, and worried about the upsurges of crime, piracy and violence amongst the outer colonies. So much so that in 2054, the mutual defence bill was passed. Natonas was found to be unfit for the monumental task that lay before it. A new larger, better funded and better equipped force was needed. What the mutual defence bill did was allocate a small percentage of taxation from Earth and every colony world, and pooled this together to fund a new force, the Earth Defence Force (E.D.F).

The E.D.F was an order of several magnitudes larger than Natonas, and was split into 5 distinct, yet inter-related departments. The first of these was the E.D.F troop division, made up of individual battallions from Earth and the outer colonies, several famous units would later emerge from the troop division, including the E.D.F commandoes, the 22nd “black jacks”, and the 3rd armoured company, the “hells angels.” A massive fortified mountainside complex was built on the surface of Alpha centauri to serve as the divisional headquarters, this was given the prefix of Bravo base, named phonetically as all the primary bases of the E.D.F would later become.

The second was the E.D.F navy, who transported the various battalions to whichever world they were most needed, and also battled the marauding pirates in space. Initially the navy used vessels left over from the now defunct Natonas, often paying a high price for each victory against the pirates, however with the increase in funding came the increases in technology. Better, faster, and more powerful ships emerged, that began to turn the tide away from the pirates, and ultimately with the help of the troop division, defeated them. Restoring order to E.O.C.A territory. Their primary base is called Delta base, and is a gigantic spacestation, dockyard, training facility, and strategic operations centre in orbit of Orion IV in the Orion system.

A third department was created, the E.D.F engineering services, although at the time, much of the E.D.F’s engineering talent was isolated to a few key planets. The engineering services first built a massive sub-orbital dockyard of their own, and also a giant factory, munitions plant, and warehousing facilities on the surface of Gamma IV, collectively these two structures became known as Charlie base. The navy came to depend on this base a great deal for the servicing of its warships, and also the tanks, vehicles, weapons and ammunition it churned out kept the troop division equipped. Smaller lesser equipped, yet still important waystations began to appear near other colony worlds, disseminating engineering talent across E.O.C.A space.

The E.D.F realised that if it wasn’t to flounder the same way as Natonas did, it would need to innovate, to create new designs, and improve upon old ones. Thus the E.D.F research division was born. This division would interact far more closely with the others in order to test new designs, and research new technologies. Their new ship designs led to the revitalisation of the Navy as the old and defunct Natonas warships were replaced with much more powerful and larger ships of the line. The troop division gained new weapons, vehicles and armour, but also the research division is singular in that it also helps to research and field test designs for civilian use. Like new hospitals, communications towers, and colony hubs.

The fifth and most recent department that came into being, was the E.D.F intelligence services. In order to better fight the wars of the future and to co-ordinate against pirate attacks, intelligence gathering gained a new importance. Communications were monitored, electronic and physical surveillance alerted E.D.F command to potential threats, who could then call upon the navy and troop divisions to eradicate that threat. New ultra high definition sensor satellites scanned E.O.C.A territory, alert for shipping that wasn’t E.D.F or civilian in origin. A massive complex was built that processed this information, coordinated field agents, and served as a giant intelligence hub on Sigma XI, named Foxtrot base.

This facility was deemed so dangerous to the later Krenaran war, that it was attacked almost immediately, and resulted in one of the worst losses of life in that war, crippling the E.D.F’s intelligence gathering abilities.

However, while all these separate facilities were built, and served as command centres for their own departments, one other was being built, orbiting Mars in the solar system itself. Taking years to complete, this base is far larger than any of the others, it is so large, that it is one quarter the mass of the moon. It serves as command headquarters for the entire E.D.F, the admiralty of the navy, and the high general of the troop division are present there. It’s most valuable asset however is that it co-ordinates all the other departments, and eases the flow of information between these separate divisions. Put simply, it is the oil that allows the gears of the E.D.F to turn smoothly, the name of this base is Alpha base.

The emblem of the E.D.F navy